FAQs and Glossary

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, and better understand our industry by reviewing our glossary of terms.

Yes. We provide professional drivers that hold a current Commercial Driver’s License and qualified with Village.

Trips or legs over 550 miles needs to be carefully assessed to determine whether a DOT break or co-driver is necessary. Drivers are allowed a maximum 10 hours of drive time before a mandatory 8 hour break to get rest (off the coach). A driver can only put in 70 hours of drive time in a rolling 6 days. To learn more about hours of service, visit the Summary of Hours of Service Regulations information on the FMCSA website and read “Passenger-Carrying Drivers”.

Mileage always plays a role in the pricing of coach leasing, but the typical pricing is a per day rate. See below for the average all-in prices for our fleet:

  • Deluxe Non-slide:  $1,350 per day
  • Deluxe Slide:  $1,450 per day
  • Premium Slide:  $1,550 per day
  • Elite Slide:  $1,700 per day

Includes fuel, driver pay, Wi-Fi, generator services, satellite TV, gaming systems, laundry services, cleanings, etc.

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We have a base at our company headquarters in Wichita, KS and in Hendersonville, TN (suburb of Nashville).

Anyone can be our customer!  We do a lot of private transportation for family vacations, corporate trips, concert roadies, stationary greenrooms, etc.

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Yes, they’re the max length allowed to legally pull behind our 45 foot Prevost’s

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Glossary of Terms

Deadhead – This is when the bus travels empty of passengers to and from base prior to and following the tour. Deadhead miles are set at a lower price than the Live miles.

Deadhead Days – Days charged to the client when running empty to and from pick-up and drop-off locations.

Example: If the bus is leased from the Village Coach base in Wichita, KS and the pick-up is in Los Angeles, CA; this is a 24 hour trip. With one driver and taking the 8 hour DOT and fueling breaks into account, this will take about 43 hours. This is considered a 2-3 day Deadhead (dependent on the pick-up time).

Live Miles – This is when the bus travels with passengers for the duration of contracted tour or trip.

Hotel Buyout – With drivers allowed time behind the wheel at 10 hours before a mandatory 8 hour DOT break. $100 is charged to the customer as reimbursement for accommodations during the Deadhead days. Hotel Buyout is ONLY charged for Deadhead Days.

End of Tour Cleaning – This is the detailed cleaning after each tour by our professional cleaning technicians. The bus shines bright like a diamond after each End of Tour Cleaning.

Generator – Our fleet is equipped with generator engines as an additional power source for 120v power throughout the bus. The generator is best used when stationary to eliminate use of the main engine.

Shore Power – Plugging into shore power is a luxury and eliminates the need to operate the main engine or generator while stationary. Plugging into shore power is when you can run electrical power to your Tour Bus from an AC electrical grid. The available power you can draw is measured in amps. Our tour buses run on 50amps. Shore Power hookups are generally found at music venues, music festivals, campgrounds, and some hotels.

Co-driver – Also known as a Team Driver and is used to safely arrive to a destination in a specific amount of time. A co-driver is generally used when the amount of time of a single trip or leg extends the legal 10 hours a single driver can be behind the wheel. The drivers will alternate time behind the wheel and resting in a bunk.